City Dwellers 1
Tale Næss
4 February 2019 - 14 February 2019

‘City Dwellers 1’ is an open-ended project in the form of a dramatic, immersive sound-installation. The sounds will mainly consist of voices, cries and whispers. Outbursts, statements and conversations. Although the voices will feel private, the idea is that the installation as a whole shall constitute a public space, an entity like a city. Tale Næss is trying to create a third space, where history, culture and place come together as one – to trigger a general sense of how we see things and how we shape our surroundings and vice versa.

‘City Dwellers 1’ is part of Tale Næss final presentation of her PhD in playwriting at Oslo National Academy of the arts.

Tale Næss (*1969) is a price-winning playwright, dramaturge and author living in Tromsø and Oslo. Næss works across the field and often in interdisciplinary constellations. Næss has written novels, plays, poetry, librettos and prose. She has a master’s degree in film science. Her work has been produced and performed nationally and internationally.  She is a part of the stage collective StatEx.

A collection of audio essays.

Tale Næss