Connect 2021
Students from Malmö Music Academy & Malmö Theatre Academy
12 March 2021 - 14 March 2021

The Connect festival returns to IAC again this year, with a cross-disciplinary live performance, including electro-acoustic musical works, video installation and live performance, in collaboration with the students from Malmö Theate Academy. In a combined performance, six individual acts will explore and reveal their performances under the shared title, “Displays of Love”.

Connect is a three-day festival, arranged by Tongeneration and the composition students from Malmö Academy of Music. Its aim is to present a varied take on today’s contemporary art music, with music written in the continuous development of Western art music, either for traditional ensemble settings or for more obscure ones. The festival also focuses strongly on exploring and evolving the versatile opportunities provided in an electro-acoustic setting.

This year the festival’s theme is love, since most of the concerts were originally set to be performed on and around Valentine’s day, with the featured artists Vindla String Quartet, REAKTION ensemble, solo harpist Tanne Harder and performers from MHM and THM.

Due to Covid, however, the whole festival will be recorded and made available digitally from March 12th to the 14th.


12 mars kl 19
Vindla String quartet

Koncentration I – Johan Hugosson
Growing Apart – Eli Tausen Á Lava
Palette: IV – Mirza Kucukovic
Den fjärde delen av året – Hanna Blomberg
Bliss – Veronika Voetmann
Heliotrope – Oskar Björkman
Hommage II – Johan Stertman
Scherzo + trio – Elias von Proschek
Square peg, round hole – Julia Ekström
The Immortal Beloved – Erik V. Sköld

13 mars kl 19
REAKTION! & Tanne Harder

Pieces played by REAKTION!

Erik Valdemar Sköld – Saudade
Elias von Proschek – Kvartett för flöjt, horn violoncell och kontrabas
Fritiof Palm – Sharp Love
Teodor Lontos – Det är vinden som tårar mina ögon
Hans Arturson – Echoes of Night
Johan Hugosson – Lips

Pieces played by Tanne Harder

Julia Ekström – Glas
Oskar Björkman – Lunar waves
Veronika Voetmann – Light/Dark
Elias von Proschek – Variationer för harpa

Marianne Sihvonen- flute
Elias von Proschek- horn
Oskari Pirttima- cello
Moa Glimberg- contrabass
Tanne Harder – Harp

14 mars kl 15
Display of Love

Eat The Smoke
An electro-acoustic composition by Johan Hugosson

A sound & performance piece
Composer: Hans Arturson
Performers: Lars Lundin & Sophia Krowicki

An audiovisual piece
Composer: Veronika Voetmann
Model: Aja Jane
Photographer & video design: Marius Budu

Distance with Dissonance
Sound & performance piece; investigating and embodying a distant yearning for closeness
Composer : Erik Sköld
Performer : Hanna Westling & Ingrid Långström Einarsson

Solo performer: Jonathan Mattisson

Composer – Johan Stertmann
Performers: Marit Mevold & Atida Stahlhammer (cello)