Constructed Weather (part2)
Jonna Hägg
4 November 2018 - 31 October 2019

The project revolves around the weather, the force of nature, its soundscapes and the sense of smallness Jonna Hägg feels in the landscape. The sound tracks will be based on field recordings made in different locations, mostly from Iceland and Gotland – two islands Jonna has a very close relationship to. In these sounds the power of nature is in a kind of imbalance: the sounds are threatening, vibrating, alarming and capturing at the same time nature’s great reserves of power.

In many of the tracks the artist will work with muted tones, with extremely slow changes where she imagines an electronic landscape painting which captures the rawness.

Jonna Hägg’s major influence on the sound is based on the Anthropocene proposition that human activities have begun to disproportionately and significantly affect the global ecosystem. While another crucial source of inspiration is the romantic notion of nature, and what it means to have an intimate relationship with the landscape and the weather.

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Jonna Hägg