Creativities transcending boundaries
Research in creativity, within music and broader aspects
10 May 2021 - 21 May 2021

This year’s project will focus on ”Uncertainty and Possibility” emerging as both theoretical concepts and fields of empirical investigation, as students and researchers seek new creative, hopeful and speculative modes of understanding and intervening in a world of crisis. Advancing a practical agenda for future making, it will reveal how uncertainty can be engaged as a generative ”technology” for understanding, researching and intervening the world. This project offers new perspectives on the central issues of uncertainty and possibility and identifies new research methods which take advantage of disruptive and experimental techniques.

The project ”Creativities transcending boundaries” aims at mapping out current research in creativity, within music and broader aspects. Further this project aims to develop concrete suggestion on how creativity can be used as an overall perspective in music teacher education at Malmö Academy of Music. Since the key idea is participatory knowledge making the project entails numerous workshops where teachers and students share experiences, methods, questions and answers.

The week at IAC is an incubator and innovation hub where teacher students experiment on how creativity can engrain music teacher education and future music education is schools from a cross art disciplinary perspective. During the week we process different aspects of artistic leadership, the art of hosting and harvesting, participatory methods and creativities as a concept and phenomena in macro and micro moments in music education.

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Anna Houmann, Eva Saether