Do I look fluid?
Alberto Franceschini, Daniel Lercher, Ingrid Cogne
19 September 2019 - 29 September 2019

“Do I look fluid?” focusses on “writing as action” within a choreographic structure wherein physical body movement, choreographic composition, and sound design aim at stretching the performative power of relations, the capacity of encounters, and a possible collective mean-making.
The physical practice of handwriting is the lens chosen by Franceschini for engaging with different medium of expression and questioning the ways in which information transfer from one code to another code of communication.

“Do I look fluid?” rotates around a “Platform” composed of 4 combinable objects. The platform is and functions as stage design, surfaces for writing as well as music instruments.

Performance: Alberto Franceschini
Sound: Daniel Lercher
Dramaturgy: Ingrid Cogne

Design and implementation of the platform: Alberto Franceschini in collaboration with Ingrid Cogne, Giovanni Bianchin, Daniel Lercher and Jonas Karl Pettersson.

With friendly support from Kulturrådet (Sweden), Association LAB13 (Italy), The Austrian Embassy in Stockholm, CCAP/Cristina Caprioli (Stockholm), Raum 33/Elio Gervasi (Vienna).

Photo by Ingrid Cogne.

Alberto Franceschini, Daniel Lercher, Ingrid Cogne