Eva Sidén & Christian Rønn
25 November 2021 - 28 November 2021

Eva Sidén and Christian Rønn are one of the most interesting duos in the artistic filed of both creating and performing new music. They are both classical trained as soloists on the keyboards, (piano and organ) but have developed a unique style of combining composition and performing with different keyboard instruments and electronics. Sometimes their work and concerts are transformed to installations with sound and video and graphic scored-performances.

At IAC they work for an installation and a performance at Galleri 21 in Malmö in December 2021.

Eva Sidén is a Swedish sound artist, composer and pianist within the field of art music. She composes both instrumental and electroacoustic music as well as sound- and video-installations often combined with performance. Her works contains both composition, performances and room-spatialisation with video and sound often in cross-artistic contexts.
Eva Sidén studied at Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Academy of Performing arts in Prague and Brno, IRCAM Paris SMI and Stockholm university.

Visit Eva Sidén’s artist page – evasiden.se

Christian Rønn is a Danish sound artist, composer, electronic music producer and performer. Studied Organ at The Royal Danish Academy of Music (DKDM) in Copenhagen, and free playing has always been part of the output, as well as a great interest in textural transformation, feedback and transcendence in general. As a composer he works within the areas of electronics/electroacoustics, often combined with fixed composition and free playing.

Visit Christian Rønn’s artist page – christianronn.dk

Eva Sidén, Christian Rønn