Elisabete Finger, Manuela Eichner
IASPIS residency
1 December 2019 - 29 February 2020

Elisabete Finger (choreographer) and Manuela Eichner (visual artist) worked together since 2015 mixing techniques and principles from choreography and collage. Their research evokes a certain “political ecology of things and people”, proposing other logics and organizations for this ensemble. Their artworks problematize the certainties and contradictions of what is generally taken as organic and artificial, natural and cultural. “MONSTRA” – their recent performance – will be presented at Moderna Museet Malmö on the 8th February, taking part of the exhibition “Sensing Nature from Within”.

During their residency time in Iaspis, each one develops their own practice and together they initiate a process of research for a new piece. “RUN FAST, BITE IT STRONGLY” (working title) explores other ways of acting/reacting inside the political-ecologic crises we are merged in. Moving an assemblage of plant-body-plastic-animal-machine, this work searches for other approaches to what is considered “human” and what is named as “nature”, groping unexpected kinship relations.

Visit Elisabete Finger’s webpage – elisabetefinger.com

Visit Manuela Eichner’s webpage – cargocollective.com/manuelaeichner/Manuela-Eichner

Read more about the performance at Moderna Museet Malmö – modernamuseet.se/malmo/sv/aktiviteter/monstra

Elisabete Finger, Manuela Eichner