digital mythology: MINOTAUR GIRL
Make Sound Residency
13 February 2023 - 5 March 2023

Friday, 3rd of March, at 18:00 – MINOTAUR GRL: work in progress [sharing] in the Black Room!

Can a voice clone and a process of training open up for exploration of detangling of stories and demystifying of perspectives? Can it revoke the unheard, out-of-focus, silenced? Can it augment a space for stories that were not heard?

Eliza Bozek is interested in using a process of voice cloning as a tool for unravelling or creating spaces that have not been accessible or vocalised due to personal or collective trajectories imposed by cultural, political or religious systems; starting by drawing inspiration from her own cultural backyard. Within her Make Sound Residency Eliza intends to map an array of poems read by a voice clone onto a net of spatial compositions. She will be researching cloning and intensification of diverse vocal expressions, especially the ones that are not encouraged to be expressed or explored, particularly by women. From anger to ASMR, Eliza intends to explore what the voice can become outside of what we expect it to become, and whether she can push a voice cloning software into a more poetic direction.

Eliza is a Copenhagen based artist with a background in electronic music and performing arts – oriented sound design, working within the field of composition, installation, dance, theatre and digital art.

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Visual credits: Eliza Bozek [moltamole]

Eliza Bozek [moltamole]