Christian Rønn
17 September 2018 - 28 September 2018

After many active years on the Danish music-scene, working solo and in countless constellations, including performance, composition, production and film-music, Christian Rønn has spent the last couple of years combining freeform instrumental playing with electronic music in different shapes and forms.

He has tried to find a performance- and compositional practice, that takes off from a combination of played keyboard-instruments, electronics and electroacoustic setups. The last steps of this practice are the pieces released on the LP “Broken Air” which consist of three pieces for prepared church organ and electronics, and Christian’s latest LP with Ikue Mori,  “Chordis et Machina”, which combines free playing with Ikue Mori´s electronics, all synthesized through Buchla- and Serge Synthesizers.

“Enveloping” is a performance-idea that has developed slowly over some years working within the field of free improvisation, electronics/electroacoustic and fixed composition. Part of this experiment is to envelope the whole room, including the audience, in one big controlled feedback-loop, working with grand piano as the center of sounds and resonance, and using mics, speakers and electronics.

With support from DJBFA – Composer and Songwriters’ Production Pool and Koda’s Cultural Funds.

Christian Rønn takes part at Malmö Gallery Night the 29th of September 2018, 18.00-24.00, Red Room.




Christian Rønn