From Soul to Other
Martine Flor
18 January 2021 - 21 February 2021

During her second part of her Open Call residency Martine Flor will work on a new video which evolves around a scanned document, containing an anonymously handwritten text with thoughts on psychoanalysis and its relation to language and representation, the image and the gaze. The document is visibly old, and through screen recordings the video follows the process of the document being “cleaned” in an editing program. Through these recordings the video follows the instrumental gaze of the editor hovering over the handwritten text, distorting and displacing the expected coherence of the text and the duration of the reading itself.

In her practice, Martine is interested in the relation between text and image, and how qualities such as time and duration, presence and absence can be expressed visually, spatially and materially. In this project she is interested in working with a tension between different ways of seeing and reading, between a materiality of things and the immateriality of the digital, as well the handwriting itself and its assumed relation to memory, thinking and the subconscious. The video will be a part of a larger project.

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Martine Flor