IASPIS / Malmö Konsthall residency
Sebastian Moske
20 June 2021 - 30 September 2021

Sebastian Moske works with literature, that he cuts up to open and suggestive text tapestries read out by performers. These texts become part of a rhythmical video filmed on locations that are in interesting tension to the texts accumulated. He will read The Poetic Edda, different Swedish Crime Novels and is very interested in “Kallocain” by Karin Boye.

Since the Northern Myth has always been (mis)used by right-wing ideologies, Sebastian is very interested to dive into this text and wants to investigate literature dealing with tension and detecting. With the goal of coming up with a video or two at the end of the residency.

Visit Sebastian Moske’s webpage – sebastianmoske.com

Have a look at Sebastian Moske’s video “Broken noses” on Vimeo – vimeo.com/smoske

After studying acting and working at a theatre for four years, he studied Fine Arts in the class of Rosa Barba at the HfK in Bremen. 2019 he had the chance to participate in an student exchange with the MFAST-program at MICA in Baltimore, USA, where he facilitated a »performative-methods« workshop in collaboration with Howard el-Yasin in the summer of 2020.

Education: 2006-2010 University of Music and Theatre, Hamburg (Diplom) 2014-2020 University of the Arts, Bremen (Diplom) 2020-2021 University of the Arts, Bremen (Meisterschüler).

Latest Exhibition: 07/2019 »the stroll – day and night«, the whale, Baltimore, US (solo) 05/2020 »Elina Saalfeld & Sebastian Moske«, mms-offspace, Bremen, Germany (group-show) 09/2020 »One Night in Klein Mexiko / Dear«, Spedition Bremen, Germany (Diplom / solo).

Upcoming: 11/2021 »in difficult times«, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (group-show).


reading Baltimore, 2019 (video-still)
video, color, sound, 3:45 min
with Howard el-Yasin
and lines from
»Giovanni’s Room« by James Baldwin &
»Funeral Rites« by Jean Genet
filmed at the neighborhood of Bolton Hill, Baltimore, MD, USA

Sebastian Moske