IASPIS residency
Shirin Sabahi
6 February 2023 - 24 February 2023

Shirin Sabahi grew up in Tehran, studied Fine Arts at Malmö Art Academy and now lives in Berlin as an artist. Her practice casts artifacts and places as protagonists, tracing their contextualization and interpretation through time.

Artist talk at Malmö Konsthall on 15 February at 18:00 – malmokonsthall.se

Recent exhibitions and screenings include Bergen Assembly (2022); CCA Berlin (2022); Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (2021); Stavanger Kunstmuseum (2021); Ashkal Alwan, Beirut (2020 and 2021); KW, Berlin (2021); Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (2020); Broad Art Museum, Michigan (2020); Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai (2019); and Centro Botin, Santander (2019).

Visit Shirin Sabahi’s website – shirinsabahi.com

Read more about the IASPIS Konstnärsnämnden – konstnarsnamnden.se

Image credit: Shirin Sabahi, Window Session (Kluckstraße 23A, 10785 Berlin), 2022. Installation view (detail) Spatial Momentum exhibition at Haunt / Frontviews (Berlin 2022)

Shirin Sabahi