IASPIS residency
Shitou & Ming
8 January 2024 - 20 February 2024

Shitou is a Chinese activist, performer, filmmaker, multimedia artist, and queer icon. She has been active in the Chinese gay scene since the 1990s and was the first lesbian to come out on Chinese television. After starring in the lesbian-themed film “Fish and Elephant”, Shitou directed several films, many in collaboration with her life partner, Mingming: “Dyke March” (2002), “Women Fifty Minutes” (2006) and “We Are Here” (2015). She is one of the initiators of the China Queer Independent Film group (CQIF, 2008).

Mingming is a filmmaker, photographer and actitivist. Her film “Dream on the wall” won the best short film award at the 2020 Hong Kong Chinese Documentary Film Festival. Her films and art works have been showed in many film festivals and exhibitions all over the world. She is co-cordinator of the China Queer Independent Films.

Shitou and Ming’s stay in Malmö at IAC is co-organised by Unicorn – Artists in Solidarity, Malmö Konsthall and IASPIS.

Photo credits: Shitou and Ming, Malmö Konsthall

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Shitou & Ming