IASPIS residency in collaboration with Malmö Art Museum
20 February 2024 - 23 May 2024

During her IASPIS residency she will develop a new series of clay paintings and drawings. Various energetic fields as patterns made with clay will serve as scores for adding sounds produced by self made organic instruments. The paintings will be created on the windows of Malmö art museum. The series will complete the body of work called “Almanach” in collaboration with composer Neil Luck, with whom Czyżyk will finalise the editing using facilities of IAC.

“Almanach” is a visual, performative, musical, and fundamentally tentacular project, manifesting in several outcomes of different forms, digital film, sound recordings, live performance events, VR environments and clay paintings. She will investigate complexities between Polish-Swedish history and study its manifestation in landscape painting as a starting point of her process.

Monika Czyżyk is a Polish artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Monika primarily works with moving image and VR within the context of experimental documentaries, socially engaged projects and wilderness. She creates soups out of glitched digital materials, archives, clay, video barbie dolls, drawing, sounds, mushrooms, words and objects. To balance matter and energy she has been drawn to gardening. From here she expanded her geological interests; Monika collects clay from a variety of places and uses it to create spiritually driven clay window paintings. Her ongoing body of work expands on a form of techno-sublime aesthetic.

Visiti Monika’s artist page – monikaczyzyk.org

Photo credits: Daniel Kilgus

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Monika Czyżyk, Neil Luck