Ugnius Gelguda and Neringa Cerniauskaite
15 September 2014 - 31 December 2014

Ugnius Gelguda and Neringa Cerniauskaite (aka Pakui Hardware*) are IASPIS grant holders for the fall of 2014. At IAC the artists’ duo continues its research around the relationship between materiality, technology, and economy. How technology is shaping current economy and the physical reality itself, including the human body? In relation to the velocity of technological development, the matter becomes both an obstacle and a vehicle. These questions are analyzed through such examples as High Frequency Trading, technological prosthesis and digital materiality.

Part of the results of this research were displayed at a solo show Shapeshifter, Heartbreaker at Jenifer Nails project space in Frankfurt, Germany, from October 25th to November 22nd, 2014. The further development of the conducted study will be presented in three presentations in Malmö (Moderna Museet and IAC) and Stockholm (IASPIS).

* Courtesy of Alex Ross (NY)

Pakui Hardware* is a brand name of a collaboration between Ugnius Gelguda and Neringa Cerniauskaite set up in 2014. Pakui Hardware appeared to fill in an empty space of a removed brand logo. The title Pakui Hardware refers to Pakui, special attendant of Haumea [Goddess of fertility whose children were born of various parts of her fragmented body] at Kailua, who could circle Oahu six times in a day. Thus Pakui Hardware is high-speed and brand politics as mythic semio-commodity as well as the desire to transcend the material limitations. Semio-Capital meets materiality.