I’m out of order until further notice
Lisa Mårtensson, Lotta Fahlén, Manel Ruiz
1 November 2019 - 1 December 2019

‘I’m out of order until further notice’ will be an immersive audio performance that deals with theme stress related brain damage and fatigue. It is based on Loljuds (Lotta Fahléns) coming music album ‘The Phases’, and is divided into three parts, the pre-phase, the acute phase and the recovery phase. These are also the actual phases of the sickness fatigue syndrome. The performance will follow the dramaturgy of these phases and is presented as inside the damaged brain. The project aims to investigate the relation between sound and action/reaction and how sound encourage the body to function and behave.

The project also investigates, if sound can work as script in its own right, similar to text. The audience will be immersed, and the surrounding performance will take them on a journey through the pre-phase’s palpitation, the acute phase flickering vision and the recovery phase’s surrender. It should work as an exorcism.

Lisa (director), Lotta (composer) and Manel (videographer) have once worked as a trio creating ‘A lecture on how I learned to time travel’ and have now started the group ‘Absurdum Temporary Art’.

The project will be shown at Inkonst at on December, 13th & 14th, at 19.00.

Documentation of the Dorothea Series by Lisa:







Lisa Mårtensson, Lotta Fahlén, Manel Ruiz, Esmeralda Ahlqvist, Eira Fråjdh, Paria Hellas