In the Cities
Research and Production Project "The Global City"
8 April 2019 - 14 April 2019

‘In the cities’, inspired by Calvino, is an interdisciplinary experimental research and production project that aims to create the contemporary theatre production ‘The Global City’, a performance with a modulate structure able to be composed in a different sequence and to involve international artists, according to the different spaces and contexts hosting the residency phases. Each module is a single performance showing the different faces of a polyhedral virtual city, thanks to the multidisciplinary approach that foresees the use of different means of expression and languages: performer’s actions, original multilingual dramaturgy, electronic music and soundscapes, video mapping, VR 360°, that together will design a sort of architectural and experiential map of this Global City. Its original dramaturgy is composed by numbered memories collected in the several metropolis where the company has developed their projects. A fragmented memory drawing our globalized era: from the insuperable borders to forced disappearances, from the Korean diplomatic crisis to the Indian slums.

Instabili Vaganti Brochure

Concept and direction: Anna Dora Dorno (visual artist and director)

Main Performer: Nicola Pianzola (Instabili Vaganti Experimental Theatre)

Dramaturgy: Nicola Pianzola

Stage design and Installations: Anna Dora Dorno

Sound & live media interaction: Alberto Novello Jestern (multimedia artist and composer)

Video contents: Nicola Pianzola – Salvatore Laurenzana

Previous residency steps: Au Brana centre (France), Re. Te. Ospitale – Satriano di Lucania (Italy)


Co-production partners

Teatro Nazionale di Genova

Instituto Nacional Artes Escénicas / Festival FIDAE 2019 – Uruguay

Video sample of the project In the cities – Clip of The Global City perforformance work in progress

Previous Interdisciplinary works: Ausencia – Alone in the crowd

The memory of the flesh


Megalopolis#Neaples – Site-specific performance

MigrAzioni – Photo & performance project in Lapland


Nicola Pianzola, Anna Dora Dorno, Alberto Novello Jestern, With the support of Region Emilia – Romagna – Italian Institute of culture of Stockholm