sound and video installation
7 August 2019 - 8 August 2019

Composer, pianist and sound artist Eva Sidén (SE) and composer, organist and sound artist Christian Rønn (DK) are collaborating in a project to make a composition and a sound installation together. Exploring acoustics, organ and grand piano in a multichannel setup and an installation EAM 7.1 with video projections at Studio Accusticum with Organ Accusticum, IAC, Inter Arts Center Malmö, EMS, Elektronmusikstudion and Fylkingen Stockholm.

“Working with midi, and live pitch shifting of pipeorgan, in conjunction with the actual instrument being one of the most advanced organs on the planet, is immediately extremely appealing to both of us, and in discussions we quickly learned that it would be interesting to make a site specific project at Studio Accusticum in Piteå and make a piece together for churchorgan, grand piano and multichannel electronics. We worked with the piece at a residency in Piteå and at EMS, Elektonmusikstudion Stockholm 2018-19.  Some parts were also explored at a residency at IAC Malmö. This 40-minute concert piece INSIDE were first time performed in April 2019 in the concerthall Studio Accusticum with video mapped scenography. We also did a masterclass for the Musikhögskolan Luleå Tekniska Universitet. Our next step is to develop the sound and video installation Inside Inside. Its setup in multichannel 7.1 and video projections. The sounds and video contain of recorded material from the studio accusticum, organ, grand piano and the acoustic in the hall. Some of the recorded sounds and filmed material for the video is from inside the organ.

Working with this new piece, the multichannel sound installation with video will extend further into the territory both of us are working in at the moment.”

The sound and video installation INSIDE INSIDE will be shown at IAC in November 2019, and at a special made performance and installation at Fylkingen 24/11.

Collaboration partners:

Studio Accusticum Piteå

Gary Verkade professor/ organist at Luleå University of technology and Roger Norén head of Studio Accusticum

EMS, Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm

Fylkingen Stockholm

IAC, Inter Arts Center Malmö

Concert INSIDE Studio accusticum Piteå

INSIDE – Short video from Concert at Studio Acusticum april 17 – 2019


Eva Sidén, Christian Rønn