A sanctuary for experimental minds and bodies in motion.
20 April 2022 - 24 April 2022

Music, art and performance. Essential human expressions that are meant to be shared. Indeed, that brings people together. So what happens to a society and its subjects when these expressions are viewed as nonessential pastimes that can be cut without a moment of hesitation?

Out of experience from the last two years, we can make part of the diagnosis. We, as a collective, become less adventurous and more culturally cautious. Borders that used to be drawn with pencils are now being filled in with ink.

We have to fight this, and we have to fight it together. Once again, we’re raising the Intonal banner as a beacon of hope and defiance. An oasis glimmering in the horizon for all of you who crave oddity, intimacy, and energy, You, who thirst for life in this forsaken wasteland called “the new normal”.

This year, Intonal has invited artists from all over the world to Malmö, connecting them with local heroes and participants. Some are true legends in their fields – like Grouper or DJ Bone, others are legends in the making, like Kinshasa based Fulu Miziki or Manchester’s Space Afrika. We will also present several world premieres commissioned by the festival, in many cases by artists working with Intonal residencies, like Hiro Kone, Vincent Bahar and Japanese duo WaqWaq Kingdom. And much more, as ever. Join us, connect with us, dance with us.

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Big Brave, Bill Ruyle; Peter Zummo & Members Of MSO: Arthur Russel's Tower Of Meaning, Dj Bone, Fulu Miziki, Fågelle, Grouper, and many more