Oswaldo Maciá, Tony Cokes & Acousmatic concerts
24 April 2019 - 28 April 2019

Intonal is an annual festival for experimental and electronic music that has been held in Malmö since 2015. The international program is covering a wide range of genres, subgenres and unique expressions. See the entire program and information about tickets here.

During the Intonal Festival the IAC presents a series of Acousmatic concerts in the Red Room, followed by a seminar. At the same time you can experience sound and video installations by Oswaldo Maciá and Tony Cokes.

Oswaldo Maciá

The Opera of Cross-pollination (sound installation), location: Black Room

Tony Cokes

Evil. 16: Torture. Musik (video installation), location: Café/Research Platform

Headphones (video installation), location: VR/Sound Lab

studio, time, isolation: reconstructions of soul and the sublime (2011) (video installation), location: Artist Studio


Red Room

The concept of the Acousmonium, a loudspeaker orchestra for sound diffusion of electroacoustic music, originates from GRM, Groupe Recherches Musicales at Radio France in France in the 70s. The loudspeaker orchestra consists of many different “instruments”, that is, loudspeakers of different sizes, types and placement where the music is shaped spatially in performance. Acousmatic concerts have been an integrated part of Intonal Festival from the beginning and this year’s edition is no exception. During festival there will be a series of concerts in the Red Room at Inter Arts Center presenting the versatile possibilities of sound diffusion of electronic music through such a multi speaker set up. The concerts will include both classical electroacoustic music as well as new electronic music including a couple of first performances. There will also be concerts with acoustic instruments and electronics presented through the Acousmonium.


24 April 2019, 21.00 & 22.00

Alessandro Perini & Francesco Del Nero

Double concert in collaboration with Sound Spaces

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy / Lisa Stenberg

26 April 2019, 19.00 & 21.00

Stefan Östersjö

27 April 2019, 18.00 & 19.00


27 April 2019, 21.00, 22.00, 23.00

Triple concert in collaboration with Sound Spaces

Giuseppe Pisano & Mads Kjeldgaard

28 April 2019, 15.00 (Seminar organized by NOTAM, Oslo) & 19.00 (concert)

Oswaldo Maciá, Tony Cokes, Alessandro Perini, Francesco Del Nero, Nguyễn Thanh Thủy, Lisa Stenberg , Stefan Östersjö , Dante Tanzi, Giuseppe Pisano, Mads Kjeldgaard