Just an idle question while away the summer
12 December 2014 - 14 January 2015

Just an idle question while away the summer explores drawing as a mental process that needs time to understand itself.

This presentation is a dreamlike speculation based on the contents of the ongoing research process that takes as a playground a corner in Limhamn (Malmö) where the old cementa factory is being erased and new houses are being built. Through the camera we get to share time with an old generation of workers that looks from the distance how the city grows around them.

Helena Fernández-Cavada reflects about issues concerning free time and the contradictions that exist between labor and work time in this concrete context, and with special attention to the art practice itself. Inquiring ourselves about how to find any place where we can understand free time outside the conventions of the market?

Helena Fernández-Cavada was born in Madrid, since 2006 she doesn´t wear a watch and lives in Mexico City. She tries to draw every day in order to launch questions and play with them, a process that ranges from the conceptual nomadism, the questioning of established relationships and contradiction as an attitude towards life.

With the support of CONACULTA, National Council for Culture and Arts, Mexico.

Helena Fernández-Cavada