Instrumental Bodies / Make Sound Residency
Lars Kynde, Soeine Bac
9 November 2020 - 4 December 2020

Danish composer and inventor Lars Kynde and Canadian visual artist and dancer Soeine Bac meet in the Make Sound residency to explore their shared interest in integration of sound and movement.

They will together transform the space into a large mechanical acoustic instrument-body of strings and steel, which Soeine Bac will explore in relation to her own body by dancing inside it and altering the timbres with her body weight. On one hand, her movements will be determined by the shape of the instrument setup, as specific gestures will be needed in order to generate its sound. On the other hand, the music composition will be determined by her dance within this frame.

The project is linked to Kynde’s current research about the harmonic and inharmonic tuning of overtones in various sounding materials (acoustic bodies). He is looking at ways to tune the timbre exactly by tuning each overtone separately, and to base a new tonality on these timbres.

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Lars Kynde, Soeine Bac