Like the walls come to my house
Improvisation in relation to narrative film
23 April 2015 - 29 April 2015

Like the walls come to my house will be a series of workshops, reading groups and lectures using the pro- cess of film making itself to think about working as an artist in the moving image today. We will begin with an introductory lecture looking at the difference between modernist and post-modern approaches to artist film and how ideas around illusion have changed in the last 50 years within art/moving image discourse.

Participation and collaboration are a necessary part of film making and students will be asked to make a film aspartofagroup.Wewillexploreimprovisation,using techniques developed by Viola Spolin and Keith John-
son to open up this process and re-animate practices that have become stuck in the studio.
Finally we will look at editing and montage – focusing heav ily on the work of Sergei Eisenstein to think about montage as it relates to painting, collage and poetry.

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