Materize – Work in progress sharing
Make Sound Residency
16 February 2024 - 22 February 2024

Using her homemade wearable instrument Hreyfð, Sól Ey has been working on a new performance for 4 dancers called Materize. The instrument is the result of Sól Ey’s extensive research on instruments that create sounds with gestures. It uses microphones and speakers to create audio feedback, processed with a microcontroller and sensor signals in real- time, all attached to the performer’s body. The feedback creates a field of audible possibilities that are performed with movement. As a part of the Make Sound Residency at IAC, Sól Ey has worked together with 3 performers to develop a sound-movement language, spatial sonic choreography, and explored the possibility of interacting with the audience.

In this event, they will share a short work-in-progress performance and invite the audience for a discussion afterwards.

Sól Ey (composer, concept, instrument maker, performer) Alvilda Faber Striim (choreographer, performer)
Abraham Rademacher (performer)
Paulína Šmatláková (performer)

Sól Ey (b. 1996) is an Icelandic composer and new media artist based in Copenhagen. She makes performances, interactive installations, and designs instruments that combine sound, space, movement, light and the body. Often working with sensors and new technologies, her work emphasises immersion, participation, and social interaction. Currently, her artistic research focuses on the possibilities of the human body when extended with electronics or objects. She studied composition at Iceland University of the Arts and Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and was a research fellow at the Academy for Theater and Digitality in Dortmund in 2022.

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Photo credits: Ruediger Dunker

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Sól Ey, Alvilda Faber Striim, Paulína Šmatláková, Abraham Rademacher