Memory Lab
An experimental project about private memories and intimate places
2 June 2019 - 9 June 2019

Memories and archives have been a recurring theme for several years, both in Rani Nair’s own works and through projects she has been invited to. Firstly in 2003 by the inheritance of the solo Dixit’s dominus by Kurt Jooss and Lilavati, which she initially put up as a reconstruction, but later also as a “second order performance”, a performance about a performance in ‘Future Memory’, where Rani examined what it means to inherit a dance.

‘Future Memory’ was selected for the Performing Arts Biennale in 2013 and later reworked through a residence of The House of Dance and at the Cullberg Ballet, and then appeared in Delhi on Ignite! festival of contemporary dance, in Singapore at the Singapore International Festival of Arts and in Vienna on Impulstanz in 2015.

Through these works, Rani Nair was invited to a larger archive project commissioned by Ong Keng Sen, Singapore, where Japanese dance artists archived their works who were then “replied to” by artists from the Indian dance scene.

Based on these works, Rani has developed different methods of working with memories that she now wants to develop into a new work – a kind of memory lab that engages with audiences, both professionals and amateurs as well as the “regular” citizen, in a participatory laboratory where their personal memories come in the center stage. A new work for the intimate and personal that can be shown outside the theater room.

You are welcome to enter the laboratory during 3-5 June for a ‘one-to-one session’. Please contact to book your session.

Available sessions:
Monday, 3 June at 11.00
Tuesday, 4 June at 10.00 & 14.00
Wednesday, 5 June at 11.00

Future Memory 2012/2014 trailer
An evening with Astad 2017 trailer
Double duet, Lilavati 1977 / Rani Nair 2006, a found document

Rani Nair, Malin Holgersson, Joanna Ekström, Celine Orman