Master of Fine Arts in Artistic Research (MFAAR)
Exam Exhibition 2022 / Malmö Art Academy
23 May 2022 - 30 May 2022

Opening: Monday, 23 May, 16.00–20.00
16.00 Opening speech by Rector Maj Hasager.

Exhibition, opening hours: 24–30 May, all days: 12.00–17.00

27 May, at 18.00: Performance act by Vala T Foltyn as part of the MFAAR exhibition.

Location: VR Sound/Lab, Black Room, Café/Research Platform / Inter Arts Center (IAC), 4th floor, Bergsgatan 29, 21422 Malmö

We are pleased to announce the exam exhibition by the first group of graduating students from the Master of Fine Arts in Artistic Research (MFAAR) programme at Malmö Art Academy. The exam projects are the conclusion of two years of thinking through the visual and developing large-scale research projects and research proposals. The exhibition at IAC is a unique possibility to engage with each of their findings as potential new beginnings.

Bárbara Sánchez Barroso presents two 16 mm film works where she reflects on the topics of her research on coexistence, more-than-human worlds and politics of care. In the work Botanical dream, shot in a botanical garden, where we witness a dream, but we are not sure whose dream it is. Maybe the plants of the garden are dreaming of transforming, trespassing those glass walls, and becoming a rainforest? In The way my mother talked to plants the artist has filmed her mother at home and with friends, (those being human and non-human), to reflect on care between human and nature.

Karin Hald´s research and presentation deals with notions of empathic unsettlement in relation to trauma, hereby the derangement of the familiar and its transformative potentiality. Time and memory are examined in a cyclical manner, thereby pointing to the genealogy of trauma: the body remembers what the mind cannot recognize while in a traumatic state and is therefore unable to store memories of the events in a seemingly rational, logical way. Hald is looking for ways to use this knowledge as transformative material – specifically, to use the knowledge gained from trauma to understand dissociation and the lack of empathy that we continuously witness in society and in ourselves.

Sanna Jarl-Hansson’s research is centered on mapping. Here mapping of rhizomatic-thinking happens through an exploration into our opacities, by a reclamation of the discarded – either as a material or a ‘site’. This mode of relation becomes a method of resistance against a transparency whose ultimate aim is to demean by pigeonholing.

Witching The Unspoken is the research of Vala T Foltyn that tackles the idea of queering the archives and searches for new methodologies in knowledge production; challenging Western references, the white-heteronormative gaze and institutional regimes of power. In this process the artist|witch includes a case study: the reminiscences of a century-old villa located in Kraków, Poland. The mapping of political and poetic narratives, personal and public become a ‘Gesture of The Witching’ as developed by the artist in her practice of magic.

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Image collage:
Karin Hald (with Kat Staub), Emotional Check-in, Still from research video / Vala T Foltyn, Performance, Villa Berg, Stuttgart, 2021, photo by Dominique Brewing (top row)
Bárbara Sánchez Barroso, The botanical garden, 2022 / Sanna Jarl-Hansson, Brassestol, 2022, Chair with stencil (bottom row)

Bárbara Sánchez Barroso, Karin Hald, Sanna Jarl-Hansson, Vala T Foltyn