Mix-edit of MTS sound archive
Electroacoustic composition project editing live recorded electronic material
19 August 2019 - 30 September 2019

Nicklas Lundberg is a Swedish musician, sound artist and an instrument builder based in Malmö. His focus and thrive is the exploratory means of wasted and rejected consumer electronic goods and creates eclectic sound fields with a firm link to the electro acoustic music and with a strong visual content. With a past in improvisational jazz and also in theoretical musicology he uses his knowledge and experience to experiment through various musical situations, produce and explore the sounds of the “rejected”. Since 2016 Lundberg has been building a modular musical instrument using discarded portable electronic consumer goods such as smartphones, mp3 players, cd-players and other devices as a proof of concept to question the normative ideas for sound producing and what an instrument can be. The instrument, MTS (Modular Trash System) is a tool for composing new sounds, gestures and textures similar to what one could expect from a modular synthesizer, albeit it is not. He has been working to develop his artistic expression together with the idea that sounds and techniques normalise in time and context.

Nicklas Lundberg