More + With – Less
30 October 2020 - 3 November 2020

‘More with less’ is an international collaboration project, involving six composers from four different countries: Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Lithuania. The fruit of this collaboration will be a new repertoire for Duo Dubois, created through vicinity between composers and performers. Duo Dubois is a young duo of saxophone and percussion, dedicated to the research and the production of recent art music.

The programme is divided in two phases. The first one includes a three-day workshop at IAC where the performers and the composers will meet and try out ideas, defining the final setup of percussion instruments, objects and electronics in order to advance with the compositions. After the workshop the composers will be given time to work, keeping a continuous dialogue open with the Duo.

The second phase will take place in February 2021 and will result in the world premieres of the new pieces, at IAC, at Lund Contemporary 2021 and finally in Belgium, at the KASK conservatory in Gent. The concerts will be preceded by three days of rehearsals and workshops, in which the compositions will take their final form.

The project is funded by Musikverket.

See the entire programme at Lund Contemporary 2021 –

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Alberto Cavallaro, Federico Tramontana, Alessandro Perini, Francesco Del Nero, Simone Corti, Sandra Boss, Justina Repeckaite, Jonatan Sersam