Passing Through
Conducting waves, space and matter
30 November 2020 - 20 December 2020

‘Passing Through: Conducting waves, space and matter’, is the working title of a sound installation project that reflects upon the way waves of energy move through and around space and matter. It is an exploration of the relationship between the flow of signals through air, and the materials used for letting certain signals pass though, while filtering or blocking others.

Inspired by her ongoing work with sonification of electromagnetic waves from radio, telephone and Wi-Fi signals, Camille will explore concepts of barriers, connections, interfaces and conducting materials, that shape the way that information flows.

Everywhere in our modern urban society data and information flows thought the air as electromagnetic signals, that can be picked up by technology; receiving devices, that will work as interfaces, translating the electromagnetic signals into data, text, images or sound, for us to interpret. When the air between us becomes the main medium for this wireless communication, the materials used as transducers, demodulators, conductors, and isolation, are shaping the paths of these communication processes.

The installation reflects upon the nature of these invisible, moving ubiquitous signals, and their relationship to physical materials.

The installation will be open to the public on Saturday, December 19th. Further information follows.

Photo credits: Ana Amorós López

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The project is supported by the Danish Composers’ Society and Koda’s Cultural Funds.

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Camille Roth