Pernille Mejer: Depth & Ease
featuring improvisation dancer Emelie Bardon, film artist Frigge Fri, The Pernille Mejer Depth&Ease Vocal Ensemble and Band.
22 March 2015 - 23 August 2015

I have made an artistic research on depth&ease in various elements – the voice, the body, the beat, the phrase, words and lyrics, movement, emotions – in order to get nearer the essence of the voice and its possibilities of expression. I believe that getting closer to the seed of my true voice is getting closer to all human beings. As a vocal archaeologist I expand my knowledge about the human and the world by digging deeper into the voice.

During the process of writing the music I have collaborated with the Malmö-based improvisation dancer and leader of Moderna Dans Studion, Emelie Bardon, and film instructor, Frigge Fri, educated from The National Film School of Denmark. They have inspired and shared their views on Depth & Ease, and both of them are part of the performance.

The performance will be an illustration of depth & ease in sounds by voice, body and instruments as well as visuals. It is a dynamic performance consisting pieces with extended vocal techniques and movement for vocal ensemble, dance, duo- and solo pieces and new music written for jazz combo – all performed in an alternating order made after careful consideration.

It all takes place the 22nd of March 2015 at 7 pm in THE WHITE ROOM (3rd floor) at INTER ARTS CENTER

Janus Rønn Lind: Piano
Paul Hinz: Double bass
Kristoffer Rostedt: Drums
Lasse Funch: Drums
Niklas Bennerholm: Percussion
Jakob Lundbak: Baritone saxophone

Anna Olin
Ellen Pedersen
Ellinor Carlsson
Emma Rosenberg
Hanna Söderqvist
Linda Bergström
Lise Kroner
Madde Frey
Maria Lundbak
Stina Andersdotter
Pernille Mejer

Pernille Mejer , Emelie Bardon, Frigge Fri