Personal Spa TV
Johan Lundin
1 March 2021 - 14 March 2021

Personal Spa TV is a fictional mobile spa that has its own internal TV channel. This spa has recently started exhibiting performance artists. During the exhibition everything is filmed and some kind of spa treatment is also offered to the exhibition visitors. During the residency at IAC Personal Spa TV staff will learn how to work with live stream and how to build a portable TV studio setting with the help of a green screen and perhaps some inflatable TV studio set design. Personal Spa TV is supported by Sveriges Konstföreningar and Malmö Stad.

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Johan Lundin, born 1988 in Lund, Sweden, is an artist producing performance, installation and video. Johan is educated at Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design (SE), Steneby School of Design and Crafts (SE), Bergen Academy of Art and Design (NO), Royal Institute of Art (SE), School of Dance and Circus (SE) and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SE). The performativity and audience interactivity could be understood through relating to the notion of conceptual dance as going in to a role, taking on a mission or a character. An approach is communicated of a setting to always be understood through the character enacting the space, living it, putting life and character in to it, dancing in it. Stating that by the act of dancing one can choose to enhance a setting, see the setting as something else, relate to the setting in alternative ways or make the setting disappear completely.

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Photo credit: Sarada Rauch