Potential for 1000 recorders
An exploration of sonic potentiality
21 August 2018 - 29 August 2018

Potential for 1000 recorders / 21-25 August 2018

“Potential for 1000 recorders” is a sound installation that operates within a potential state without any physical sound. The potential state of the installation will allow the listener to create their own imaginary soundscape by using their inner ear, being different for. “Potential for 1000 recorders” will be the third piece in a series of sonic potentials created by Løkkegaard, following his latest installation “Potential for 65 triangles”.

Immersive Sound / 26-29 August 2018

An ongoing series of drawn sound. Immersive Sound derives from the tradition of pioneers such as Rudolf Pfenninger an Oskar Fischinger. Due to the large size of these drawings, they offer a silent immersive sonic potential.

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard considers his work to be a basic research in sound. He is interested in exploring the sensuousness of sound stimulating new ways of approaching it. Working with imaginary sound, the artist is currently conducting an artistic research project at the RMC in Copenhagen.

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Photo credits: NLL_Press01: Mike Højgaard Potential for 65 triangles: Jacob Kirkegaard

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard