Red jungle
26 September 2014 - 28 September 2014

Red jungle is a performance and video installation by Cecilia Sterner. The subject matter is the human nature when it comes to money and generosity. Invited guests on September 27 are film maker and musician Ola Simonsson and visual artist Magnus Ottertun.

To study altruism, scientists have developed different games. Unfortunately none of the national economists invited for the opening to do experiments on the visitors, replied. Would it have been possible to get an answer on how generous the visitors are?
The subjects in the DICTATOR’S GAME are each given money and told they could donate anonymously to any of a range of controversial charities or keep it themselves. The game has been tested hundreds of times in different countries and cultures. The amount of money given away varies depending on the receivers, organisations and scenarios. Even though the decisions are anonymous, most people choose to give away some of the money regardless of country, religion or gender and variation in amount of money. Some people will not give anything at all but most people choose to give even if the reciever is unknown.

Cecilia Sterner MFA Malmö Art Academy

Magnus Ottertun MFA Malmö Art Academy

Ola Simonsson MFA Malmö Music Academy

Cecilia Sterner, Magnus Ottertun, Ola Simonsson