Region Skåne residency
Freja Andersson
3 October 2022 - 7 October 2022

Developing artistic skills in the programming environment Max

In order to explore and develop new formats, forms of expression and artistic possibilities, Freja Andersson will deepen her knowledge of the visual programming language Max /MSP/Jitter. The training is carried out in collaboration with the composer Erik Peters and will later be shared as an experience in a seminar at IAC. Freja and Erik will work together for 10 days in 4 different periods from June to October 2022.

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Freja Andersson, ‘Developing artistic skills in Max programming’, was one of the seven granted projects through the open call that Region Skåne together with IAC announced 2022.

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Watch the interview with Freja Andersson and get to know more about the ‘lessons learned’!

Freja Andersson, Erik Peters