Remote Performance / ShareMusic
Region Skåne residency
7 September 2022 - 27 October 2022

Remote Performance is an innovative project that will be conducted during the autumn of 2022 with the aim to create and explore a digital environment where people, regardless their ability, can be creative together from a distance and, also, perform for an audience. Using sensors, avatars and biological modulation of music data, conditions are created for the participants to communicate a state of consciousness, mind, and body. Through that, they will achieve a maximum sense of reality and a personally communicative “here and now.”

ShareMusic has initiated a collaboration with Stanford University (USA) concerning reduction of so-called latency – a new and technologically advanced research area. Latency, or delay, is today one of the largest obstacles for creating music in real time via internet. The uniqueness of Remote Performance is that it is formed with inclusion and accessibility in focus and that users will be able to participate from home with their own equipment, without any demands on high-tech specialty hardware.

Remote Performance is meant to work as a digital platform where communication technology, sensors (that measures pulse, heart rate variability, breathing, electrical brain activity, EEG) and algorithms that contribute to reduce the latency and improve the creative “present moment”. Within the frame of this initiative, ShareMusic has also started to collaborate with X-System Ltd (UK) concerning sensor technology, analysis, and prediction of musical emotion. The musicians of the project play a crucial part as they explore, test, and challenge the new technology aimed to allow them to create or modulate music and sound directly through their thoughts and emotions.

Sharing on 27 October 2022, at 14:00
In connection to the residency, a so-called sharing will be performed on October 27 where the musicians will be situated on different locations around Skåne and the audience will be physically located at Inter Arts Center in Malmö. Here you can find more information about the event!

Read more about and register for the sharing event here.

Photo: ShareMusic & Performing Arts

ShareMusic and Performing Arts, ‘Remote performance’, was one of the seven granted projects through the open call that Region Skåne together with IAC announced 2022.

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Watch the interview with Hannah Havigsson and Jan Hansen from ShareMusic and get to know more about the ‘lessons learned’!

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