SAAR Summer Academy
The Nordic Summer Academy for artistic research
12 August 2018 - 19 August 2018

Welcome to SAAR 2018, the Nordic Summer Academy for artistic research at the Inter Arts Center, a resource for interdisciplinary artistic research at the Faculty of Fine and Performing arts at Lund University! SAAR brings artist-researchers (PhD candidates, Doctoral candidates or research fellows in artistic research) in a wide range of art forms together from Norway, Finland and Sweden. The Summer Academy provides a supportive setting where artist-researchers from various art fields present their ongoing artistic work and research and receive feedback from experienced tutors and peers from leading academic institutions.

The summer academy aims to reflect the international diversity and scope of artistic research and to provide a stimulating and creative environment. It seeks to clarify, discuss and develop further emerging themes and issues arising out of the individual fellowship projects of the participants within the framework of artistic research.

The aim of SAAR is to create a setting which is practice-oriented and allows for an in depth discussion of the participants’ research projects. The form of SAAR 2018 is that of a laboratory for artistic research, and each participator is invited to make a presentation of ongoing work, which ideally can be a work-in-progress, or a finished piece. A source of inspiration for earlier festivals and conferences within which this format has been developed, mainly at the Inter Arts Center, since 2010, was the Knowledge Lab at Haus Der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, which was curated by Sarat Maharaj.

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SAAR 2018 Abstracts and bios

Susanna Helke, Geir Strøm, Stefan Östersjö, Michaela Bränn