Sequential Spaces
Mike Sheridan & Jakob Riis
31 August 2018 - 16 September 2018

The project “Sequential spaces” evolves around an interaction of the unique glass instrument Cristal Baschet, digital electronics and spatial sound.

The two composers Mike Sheridan and Jakob Riis will create new music together in an investigation of the instrument Cristal Baschet in combination with electronic analysis and sound processing developed especially for this project. With its origins in the French musique concrète it feels like a natural step to investigate the possibilities of this instrument in an expanded electronic setting.

The goal is to create music and sound that opens up for more possibilities than it encapsulates. It is essential for the artists to get into the core of the Cristal Baschet instrument, seen as a sculptural formulation of materials, processes and techniques; glass, metal and membranes, immersed and superimposed in strong universes of sound with porous walls.

Jakob Riis and Mike Sheridan will create a number of modules and cells of techniques and combinations that reveal the possibilities in the instrumental set-up and can be sequentially sequenced in an open composition.

Mike Sheridan, Jakob Riis