A kitchen sink drama
9 February 2021 - 4 March 2021

‘Soap’ is a new work being produced by the artist Emilia Bergmark for the exhibition with the same name at the project space Sirin, in Copenhagen. The work was inspired by a sub-genre of British Social Realism known as the “Kitchen-sink-drama”. Taking place in the private sphere of the home, ‘Soap’ addresses contemporary anxieties such as economy, performance pressure, and equality in the modern home with a humorous approach.

‘Soap’ is about our working lives that have moved closer to our private sphere and into the home due to a more fluid labour market. It is about the traditionally female reproductive, demanding and unpaid domestic housework. And not least, it is about the home as a commodity and an investment, which is modernized and styled to maximize the value of the property on a spiralling housing market.

Bergmarks work will take the form of a sound and sculpture installation with the cast in the drama being a set of ceramic figures, each containing a hidden speaker. And it is through this cast of literally talking heads that the multi-channel, kitchen sink drama ‘Soap’ will unfold.

Emilia Bergmark (b. 1986) is a visual artist who lives and works in Copenhagen and Malmö. Based on everyday stories and observations, she develops poetic and humorous installations that combine sculpture, writing, interior design, film and print. An ongoing strand of her research explores nature from an anthropocentric viewpoint, analysing and critiquing the systems by which humankind imposes order on the world. The production of the exhibition ‘Soap’ is kindly supported by Statens Kunstfond, DK.

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Emilia Bergmark