Sonic Sensibility
Morten Poulsen
19 October 2020 - 25 October 2020

During his residency Morten Poulsen will be developing an artistic work that explore the listener’s own function as co-creator of the heard and the interrelationship between sound and listener.

The residency is part of a two leg artistic research that takes its departure from ‘Nothing to See’, a sound installation in which listeners are urged to attune themselves to an almost silent auditive environment which conversely listens and reacts to the listener, creating a very literal dynamic relationship between listener and environment. While the IAC residency being one leg of the research, the other involves collaboration with sound art scholars in the UK.

In his research, Morten is interested in discussing artistic interdisciplinarity, ecology, political-artistic potential of sound and listening and perceptual bias.

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Photo credits: Laila Skovmand

Morten Poulsen