Sounding Expanded Affinities
A Polytemporal Approach to Reconceptualizing Egalitarian Relations - Andrea Ray
20 January 2018 - 16 February 2018

Sounding Expanded Affinities includes three installations, a body of creative writing, and a theoretical text. The project develops and tests the polytemporal method to surpass the limitations of the everyday, using the registers of the personal, political, and theoretical together.

Experimenting with the delimitations of time, subjectivity, and sociality, the project culls feminist critiques of marriage, questions the egalitarian potential of non-monogamies (like free love, polyamory, and relationship anarchy) and proposes the term “expanded affinities” as having the social and political potential to contribute to a disruption and reorganization of patriarchal holdovers.

Exhibited in the White Room is Re-Cast LIVE ON-AIR—a component of her doctoral project, Sounding Expanded Affinities.

ReCast LIVE ON AIR is produced from a sense of longing to be free from the here and now. The specters from the past, present, and future are summoned to confer and to release us from the immediate constraints of society, law, and culture in order to make way for a utopian future. Sounding like voices from an outer ring of space, the relationship radicals reject the charmed circle and the linearity of the relationship escalator that ascends from dating, to love, to marriage, and then children. The installation works to resist all forms of “straight time”.

The audio installation, ReCast LIVE ON-AIR, takes the shape of a live studio discussion that is broadcast from a fictive radio station in which people from across more than 200 years have come together to share their intimate experiences and perspectives on gender and non-monogamy.

Exhibition opening: 19 January 2018, at 17-19:00, White Room, 3rd floor.

Public defense of Andrea Ray’s doctoral thesis in fine arts will take place on the 26 January 2018, at 10:00, Red Room, 4th floor

Read more about Andrea Ray’s work visiting her homepage or reading the BOMB Magazine!

Andrea Ray