Martina Tomner and Ida Höög
28 November 2016 - 4 December 2016

From late November Martina Tomner and Ida Höög will be at IAC working on the project Thanatos, an experimental chamber music drama exploring the dark side of the human psyche – aggression, destructive urges, everything that is popularly referred to as “evil”. The performance involves four musicians, each of whom will be playing a theatrical role and expressing their character through music and movement on stage. The music is partly precomposed by Martina Tomner, and partly improvised based on instructions given by the composer.

Thanatos will be performed on 3-4. December 18.00.


The Mother –     Ida Höög, recorder
The Father –     Niclas Gustafsson, clarinet
The Child –     Agnes Wästfelt, soprano
The Beggar –     Simon Bång, cello
Music and direction by Martina Tomner
Produced by Martina Tomner and Ida Höög
Thanatos will be performed in the Red Room at IAC on:
Saturday, Dec. 3, 18:00
Sunday, Dec. 4, 18:00


Martina Tomner , Ida Höög