The Nymphs are Departed
(A Material Molt)
15 December 2016 - 18 December 2016

The Nymphs are Departed (A Material Molt)
Inter Arts Center, The Annex Room, Thu 15/12 (Opening) – Sun 18/12


Working mainly with installation, Martine Flor’s praxis concerns a conscious use of materials and how certain materials inhabit haptic as well as genealogical connotations. Her work centers around poststructuralist thinking, the female body, myths and nature. She seeks to construct a visual language through conceptual performative acts and selection of materials, often in a combination of toxic or artificial materials; such as resin and plastics with biological materials such as soil or beeswax. She is interested in installation as a place that enables a dialog between bodily thinking and materials. She seeks to examine how innate nature or objects can be perceived, as well as how the materials themselves can become actors and bearers of meaning.


The Nymphs are Departed (A Material Molt) is a performative installation, made in-situ, concerning the fine line between creation and destruction, a body in crisis and a need for a precarious reinvention of issues regarding body, nature and identity. A Nymph is a both a mythical free-spirited female figure that animates nature, often the watery element, as well as a concept in biology describing a pre-molting stage, when some creatures, in particular insects and reptiles, are shedding skin or exoskeletons in order to grow.

Martine Flor, b. 1989, has previously studied Philosophy and Literature, and is currently a MFA student at Malmö Art Academy.




Martine Flor