THE SIX TONES AND ISH S (edgecut | sound reasons)
Electronic and traditional musics from India and Vietnam at the crossroads.
1 July 2015 - 1 July 2015

The sound artist Ish Shehrawat and The Six Tones explore a range of traditional and electronic sound worlds from India, Vietnam and Europe.

After some intense workshop days in the Red Room at the Inter Arts Center, the sound artist Ish S and The Six Tones invites the audience to explore a range of traditional and electronic sound worlds from India, Vietnam and Europe. There are ancient connections between the traditional musics of India and Vietnam. While this may be resonant in the music it is rather the wish to create encounters between contemporary sonic identities, stretching from the soundscape of cities to experimental music, that drives the project.


Ish Shehrawat is a Composer, sound artist and Producer from Delhi. He studied Classical guitar at the Delhi school of Music and then later ventured into Jazz, Latin and electronic music. His other music and Sound Art and music projects in collaboration with Ryuta K and Konrad Bayer are 4th World Orchestra, diFfuSeD beats and edGeCut. His primary field of interests are ‘Sound Art and Installation’ along with ‘electro-acoustic music’ and he has been presenting some of his works as Sound Installations. He has also collaborated with various Artists like Hans Koch, Raqs Media Collective, Konrad Becker (monoton), Yann Marussich and Vivan Sundaram. In 2009 he founded a music label called ‘Sound Reasons’ to promote Avant garde and electronic music and has produced and released various albums since then. He has mixed and produced music for a number of Artists. Ish S has released a CD of his project diFfuSed beats on Sound Reasons in August 2012 along with an EP on Entity records. He is presently working on his new album for the project ‘edGeCut’ and curates the Sound Reasons Festival for Sound Art and Electronic music in India and the South Asian region in the months of November and December. ||

The Six Tones is a platform for an encounter between traditional and experimental cultures in Asia and the west. The core of this practice is, since 2006, an ongoing project of mutual learning between musicians from Vietnam and Sweden. The Six Tones is a group that plays traditional Vietnamese music in hybrid settings for Western stringed instruments and traditional Vietnamese instruments and improvise in traditional and experimental Western idioms and also commission new works in collaboration with artists in Asia as well as in other parts of the world.


The Six Tones are Nguyen Thanh Thuy (who plays dàn tranh) and Ngô Trà My (who plays dàn bau), two Vietnamese performers, and the Swedish guitarist Stefan Östersjö (also playing many other stringed instruments). Since the project started, we have been collaborating with the composer and improviser Henrik Frisk, who has both composed works for the ensemble as well as toured with the group as a laptop improviser.

Henrik Frisk, Stefan Östersjö