11th House Collective
14 March 2022 - 17 April 2022

THE VOID is a journey in Virtual Reality, where live music and a 360 degrees movie is mixed into an intimate and interactive concert-performance, where all your senses will be activated. You are invited to a universe, where everything is possible. The performance will use VR to create an abstract dreamworld, where the audience is situated in the middle of the performance.

Put on VR glasses, and go into the unknown. Your vision and perspective changes. Everything is relative. You experience the world with another set of eyes. The past, the present, and the future are melting together. Memories come to the surface. Flashback to a childhood, where music becomes your savior. You meet like minded people and surrender yourself to the imagination. Let yourself dissolve into THE VOID and surround yourself with sensations.

You will be joining a journey with three children, who have fled from their parents neverending quarrels, into a world, where time stands still, or passes in slow motion. A world, where you can fly above the rooftops of the city, dive into the ocean, travel far into the deepest forests, and live in the limitless universe of dreams. A world, where neither parents nor gravity sets any limits.

The music is created by Swedish Mario Ochoa (drums), Danish Lise kroner (vocals), and Swedish Hannes Bennich (saxophone), who all have a background in jazz, folk, and electronic music. The movie is directed and edited by Malene Begtrup, produced by Nikoline Jørgensen.

A production by 11th House Collective

Written and directed by: Malene Begtrup

Composition: Mario Ochoa & Lise Kroner

Performers: Mario Ochoa, Lise Kroner & Hannes Bennich

Producer: Nikoline Jørgensen



Dates: 17 April 2022

Time: 13.00, 13.50, 14.40, 15.30, 16.20, 18.00, 18.50, 19.40, 20.30, 21.20 both days.

Location: Black Room, IAC

Duration: 35 min.

Registration: Please buy your ticket and register here –

Ticket: 165 kr

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Malene Begtrup, Mario Ochoa, Lise Kroner , Hannes Bennich, Nikoline Jørgensen