Thelma In The Underworld
Absurdum Temporary Art
24 June 2022 - 26 June 2022

In this performance Absurdum is investigating the coequally creative and destructive forces in humans through different stories of death. We follow Thelma to Hades after she has driven off the cliff in the Grand Canyon. We follow the creation of plastic bags, from ancient dead organisms, through oil and polymer, and on to convenient but overrated tools of mass suicide. We follow the North American bats, becoming victims of a sixth mass extinction caused by beauty- and fun-loving humans.

Music and sound art: Lotta Fahlén
Choreography: Maria Naidu
Text: Oliver Lindman
Sculpture: Mary Toreld
Textile art: Vera Ceginskas Lindström
Light design: Amanda Lebert
Concept and dramaturgy: Lisa Mårtensson

Premiere at Bastionen, Malmö, on 10 September 2022.

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Lotta Fahlén, Maria Naidu, Oliver Lindman, Mary Toreld, Vera Ceginskas Lindström, Amanda Lebert, Lisa Mårtensson