trapped in bio
Signe Boe
7 January 2020 - 26 January 2020

With the starting point in a redacted detective file, the artist Signe Boe is investigating how censoring of sensitive material usually takes place in the visual and audible field: redaction of text, fogging of faces, voice distortion, beep-sounds. How video recordings of anonymous people are visually being composed: a shadow of a person’s profile on a blue background, a deep voice’s confession. The research will be applied on video and sound recordings conducted within IAC’s facilities. The project trapped in bio is an interdisciplinary project including film, literature, forensic linguistics, image scan technologies and sculpture. Signe Boe is questioning how to write about someone without enclosing them in a description. The material produced at IAC will become part of an interactive publication, where new digital technologies will connect the printed matter with film.

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Signe Boe