Valby Vokalgruppe
Intonal & Inkonst Residency
20 November 2019 - 27 November 2019

Most of the elements in our bodies were created inside stars*

Valby Vokalgruppe created the works Harmony of the Exospheres and Bølger af tid og rum (Waves of time and space) for Click Festival 2016 and 2018 as the two first parts of a universe trilogy. The last part of the trilogy will be composed as a part of their residency at IAC and performed in St. Johannes Kyrka at Intonal Festival 2020. The work will center itself deep inside the body and focus on Valby Vokalgruppes’ starting point: the voice.

Valby Vokalgruppe was founded as an experiment in 2008 by Anja Jacobsen. Valby Vokalgruppe is Lil Lacy, Sonja LaBianca, Cæcilie Trier and Anja Jacobsen. The members of the group are active on the Danish and international music scene as composers in projects like Selvhenter, CTM, Soma & Lil, Frk. Jacobsen and Sonja LaBianca.

Valby Vokalgruppe has played at various venues, museums and festivals throughout Europe including Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Click Festival, Arken Museum of Modern Art (DK), Göteborg Art Sound Festival, Skissarnas Museum (SE), CC No 1 Festival in Berlin (DE) and Ancienne Belgique in Brussels (BE).

Anja Jacobsen and Sonja LaBianca are founding members of the label and art collective Eget Værelse (A Room of One’s Own) which also includes Selvhenter, Ymers Pizza, Meshes, Oum, Maria Bertel, Diekmann, J. Jaanmai Duo, Sonja LaBianca, Jaleh Negari and Frk. Jacobsen.

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The photo is from “Bølger af tid og rum” (Waves of time and space), posted at Click Festival 2018, and taken by Georg Rasmussen.

Lil Lacy, Sonja LaBianca, Cæcilie Trier, Anja Jacobsen