Virtual rooms in meat space
Freja Andersson
30 October 2023 - 3 November 2023

‘Virtual rooms in meat space’ is an artistic research project in dialogue with young people. The project is supported by Region Skåne within the initiative “Support for new forms of storytelling and stories for children and young people”.

The project investigates new tools and artistic methods for working with and towards a young audience. Through workshops and talks, teenagers in Malmö are invited to collaboratively develop an interactive, multisensory installation that explores experiences and translations between virtual rooms and IRL worlds.

The project is run by the Malmö-based artist Freja Andersson in collaboration with invited artists and educators. Freja Andersson’s work stretches over many fields: video, installation, performance, text, photography, digital media. Her work explores layers of representation, memory and history, and translations between different spaces, media and formats. Freja has an MFA from Stockholm University of the Arts. Her work has been presented at Skissernas Museum (Lund), Fotografiska (Stockholm), Moderna Museet (Malmö), Galleri CC (Malmö) & Galleria Studio (Warsaw).

Read more about the project supported by Region Skåne here.

Photo generated by AI/Dalle, instructions by Freja Andersson


Freja Andersson