a sounding sceno/choreo-graphy
4 September 2018 - 22 December 2018

“Sound Matter/Waterways” is a live performed sound piece, exploring the physical and visual aspects of sound through the matter of water.

For when hearing is gone, the physical and visual qualities of sound remain; vibrations hitting the body, the eyes; a movement in bodily matter. Sanna Blennow and Rebecka Holmström are a choreographer/dancer and an artist/stage designer, working with sound as the connective tissue between them. Taking on this project with a will to develop a sceno-choreographic practice. Finding its methods, its structures, its concepts and expressions.

Through the sounding matter of water, the artists are searching for possible narratives, trajectories, patterns, asking themselves about the relationship between body and sound.


Sanna Blennow, Rebecka Holmström