Wu Xing: Earth
Sidén Hedman duo
2 February 2018 - 7 February 2018

Sidén Hedman duo (Jens Hedman and Eva Sidén) creates an audiovisual concert installation at IAC called “Wu Xing: Earth”.  The work is the third in a series of 5 works on the theme “Wu Xing – The Five Elements” in Chines philosophy. The starting point is sound and video recorded during a WAAW residence in Saint Louis, Senegal, during February 2017. The project blends traditional Senegalese music and dance with Western contemporary music. Color, shape, rhythm and motion are key building blocks.

Sidén Hedman duo was founded in 2010. They are one of the most interesting ensembles in the artistic field of creating and performing new music in Sweden. Their conceptual base are works for piano, other instruments and electronics as well as concert and sound installations in cooperation with visual expressions, text, dance and theater/performance. Their concerts are mainly built up in a surround space with piano, electronics, mechanics and scenography. Later years they have made several collaborations with art museums, concert halls and music festivals around the world.

More info: www.sidenhedmanduo.com

Jens Hedman is a long time established name in Swedish electro-acoustic music. His music has been performed at festivals, concerts and on radio all over the world and has received several important prizes in international music competitions. Hedman composes both instrumental and electro-acoustic music as well as sound art. He often combines his music with other artistic expressions, collaborating with writers, visual artists, choreographers and architects. To Hedman the spatial content of music is very important and many of his works explore space and movement utilizing multi-channel techniques. He has also participated in several collaborate compositions together with other composers.

More info: www.jenshedman.com


Eva Sidén, Sweden, is a sound artist; composer and concert pianist with an international career. She is highly a valued composer and interpret of both her own music, classical and contemporary piano music. Mainly she works with her own compositions for instruments, ensembles and chamber music, as well as compositions that combinates instruments with electronics and pieces for electro-acoustic music/EAM. She also creates conceptual concert- and sound installations to museums and art galleries and performs at concert houses, festivals and culture houses. Eva Sidén frequently collaborates with other artists and art forms; visual art, dance, theater, text and room/architecture and has made several commissioned pieces and concerts that combines instruments and electronics with scenography and performance. She studied piano and composition at Conservatories in Prag, Brno, Paris and Stockholm furthermore art theory/aesthetic philosophy, art and musicology at Stockholm University. This year she holds a project year at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm at the video and sound department. Furthermore she works with a commission of a chamber opera.

More info: www.evasiden.se

Jens Hedman, and Eva Sidén